ID in the public eye between September and December 2020

ID in the public eye

Scientific and policy-related events where members of ID presented their work, between September and December 2020.


  • Kim Bosmans and Jessie Gevaert participated in a Podcast (in Dutch) on Laaggeschoolden en het toenemende risico op armoede – Naar een nieuw sociaal pact (‘Low-educated workers and the increased risk of poverty – towards a new social pact’).
  • Wanda Van Hemelrijck presented online at a seminar November 9, Breast cancer by migrant background in Belgium: lower risk, but worse survival for non-European women?
  • Jessie Gevaert participated in an online discussion on the working conditions of platform workers in six different countries around the world:
  • Dounia Bourabain presented at Seminar for CRESC, UAntwerpen. She presented her recent research on the experiences of early career researchers with everyday gendered racism and sexism in higher education institutions.
  • Dounia Bourabain was one of the speakers at Undivided KUL & Lean in Leuven Law. She participated in the debate on affirmative action in Higher education institutions.
  • Jessie Gevaert participated in the online Dyzo vzw webinar De impact van bedrijfsmoeilijkheden op de familie van de ondernemer (‘The impact of business difficulties on the family of entrepreneurs’).
  • Ahmad Wali Ahmad Yar and Nadzeya Laurentsyeva wrote about “Migrant Integration Policies at the Local Level in Belgium”, shedding light on how the previous and existing experiences could inform the policy debates on the EU’s New Pact on Asylum and Integration with regards to integration into the local communities for CEPS.
  • Pieter-Paul Verhaeghe made a scientific presentation on Praktijktesten in de strijd tegen discriminatie op de woningmarkt in the Masterclass ‘Discriminatie bij woningverhuur’, organized by Radar vzw
  • Pieter-Paul Verhaeghe participated in the organisation of a workshop: Workshop on equal access to housing on the European ECCAR conference ‘Together to protect human rights at the local level’
  • Tuba Bircan was the keynote speaker at the InGRID-2 Expert Workshop ‘Big data and labour markets: Understanding precariousness’
  • In December, Laura Van Den Borre was invited to the Departement Onderwijs & Vorming to talk about her research on the health risks of asbestos. Until the turn of the century, asbestos was often used as an insulation material in buildings and homes. However, these asbestos-containing materials pose serious health risks, which is why the Flemish government wants to accelerate the reduction of asbestos in the living environment, with the aim of making Flanders asbestos-safe by 2040. Read more about this here:
  • Ahmad Wali Ahmad Yar presented at a webinar organised by UNICA on “Universities responding to forced displacement – Challenges and Opportunities”. His presentation explored how migrant experiences can better inform researchers and policy-makers about the limitations of data on migration.