Migration and discrimination

Cost-Action on ‘Field experimental data on ethnic discrimination’

Cost-Action on ‘Field experimental data on ethnic discrimination’

Prof. Pieter-Paul Verhaeghe (Interface Demography – VUB) and Dr. Eva Zschirnt (University of Wuppertal) would like to submit a proposal for a COST Action around the theme of “Field experimental data on ethnic discrimination.” COST actions are European funded networks that bring together scholars, professionals and practitioners from different sectors and disciplines. Please find their first ideas for this COST action proposal via this link: Cost action Short info

At this moment, they are examining the interest among academics and experts from civil society and governmental bodies to join in this COST Action.

If you are interested in joining our proposal, we would like to ask you to complete before the 1st of June 2021 the survey below with a few short questions (max. 5 minutes of your time):