Research project: SEMAINE4JOURS

Joost Vaesen

Christophe Vanroelen
Barbara Janssens

Partner institution:
ULB-DULBEA (Economie du travail)
ULB-Centre de Droit Public

An economic and legal study on the 4-days work week and action research
(Etude économique et juridique de la semaine de 4 jours & projet de recherche-action)

2016-2017 | Regional funding

Project objectives:

A.1. In what way is working time organised in Belgium?

A.2. How is the 4-day week currently being implemented in Belgium?

B.1. Through which legal tools are working hours reduced abroad?

C.2. What is the legal feasibility of a transition to a 4-day week in the Brussels Region?

D.1. Under what conditions can the introduction of a 4-day week lead to an increase in the employment rate?

D.2. In which economic sectors will the introduction of the 4-day week mostly contribute to an increase in the employment rate in the Brussels Region?

D.3. Through which instruments can the Brussels Region support the implementation of a 4-day week?

D.4. What would be the budgetary impact of a transition to a 4-day week for the Region and for the Federal State?