Self-employment in Europe

Self-employment in Europe

Secondary analysis of the European Working Conditions Survey 2015 on self-employment in Europe

2016 | European funding


The overall objective of this proposal is to document the variety of situations of the self-employed in Europe, including the category of self-employed without employees and to draw a picture of the working conditions of the self-employed in Europe. For that purpose data from the sixth EWCS will be used to identify and map the characteristics of the self-employed in Europe allowing for a better understanding of the different situations and their implications for working conditions and job quality.

In line with the tender specifications, the overall objective of the proposed project will be broken down into four sub-objectives.

  • To built and describe a classification of several groups of self-employed in the EU28 on the basis of the EWCS 2015 questionnaire;
  • To present an overview of socio-demographic characteristics and job quality characteristics of these groups of self-employed in the EU28;
  • To provide an empirically estimated typology of types of self-employed, based on characteristics of their job quality and working conditions of self-employed.
  • To estimate relations between membership of the different types of self-employment and a number of selected outcome variables.