Iulia Rautu

Iulia Rautu

Contact details:
email iulia.rautu@vub.be​
location_on Pleinlaan 5, Room 2.19

data analysis; statistics; public health data

Hey there! I’m iulia, a Romanian-turned-(partly)-Belgian with a background primarily in demography and statistics, as well as in social sciences research (sociology). My PhD used unsupervised and supervised machine learning algorithms, focusing on the risk factors associated with water-related diseases in children from Dakar (Senegal).

The themes/fields I’ve worked on include statistical modelling of public health expenditure, child health in urban developing contexts, dimensionality reduction methods, random effects modelling, mixed methods and analyzing migration trends in Belgium, as well as teaching statistical methods at Master’s level.

Most of my professional (and some of my personal) interests involve data (wrangling, modelling, teaching, visualizing).

I’m currently working on the coordination of the INEQKILL project, you can check it out here: https://www.ineqkill.be/

Related projects:
INEQKILL – How inequality kills. Two centuries of social and spatial disparities in all-cause and cause-specific mortality in Belgium (1800-2025)

PhD title:
Nature and nurture : determinants of water-related diseases in children from Dakar