Employment status and job quality

Research project: Employment status and job quality

Employment status and job quality

2017-2018| Funding: EUROFOUND


The overall objective of this proposal is to perform an in-depth analysis of the relation between employment status, on one hand and job quality and quality of working life, on the other hand. This will be done with special attention for the following focal points:

• Suggesting informative and parsimonious ways to represent the employment status of European workers, using both the forms of employment and the typological approach as commented in the background section;

• Documenting time trends in the period 2005-2015;

• Revealing and explaining variation between (individual and sectorial/company characteristics) and within European countries;

• Moving this domain from mainly descriptive to explanatory research – that is, paying attention to modifying and moderating factors (protective and risk factors);

• Connecting policy-relevant conclusions to our findings. For that purpose data from the fourth, fifth and sixth EWCS will be used, next to data from the Labour Force Surveys in all European member states for the period 2005-2015.